PDC Drill bit TKC66, 12.1/4″ (12.225″) ReedHycalog, IADC Code S423

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Design Specifications
Make up Length (ft): .97
Shank Bore (ins): 3.000
Shank Diam (ins): 8.000
Connection std: Y
Connection Size(ins): 6.625
Connection Type: REG PIN SRG
Make up Torque (ft-lbs): 41000 – 45500
IADC Code: S423
Diameter:(ins) 12 ¼”
Body Material: Steel
JSA(in²): 35.200
Face Volume:(in³) 202.70
Normalised Face vol: 50.10%
Blade Qty: 6
Gauge Length:(ins) 3.000
Gauge Geometry: Spiral-Trailing
Gauge Profile: SmoothSteer
Gauge Protection: Tsp Tiled
Bit Profile: Medium Taper – Shallow Cone

Recommended Operating Parameters
Max Operating WOB (klbs): 55
Min TFA (in2): 0.4419
Max TFA (in2): 3.3408
Max Flow (gpm): 1402
HSI: 1-6
Variant: G1C

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